The Import and Export Fair of China, also called the Canton Fair, founded in spring 1957, which takes place in Guangzhou every year in the spring and autumn, co-organized by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic China and the Popular Government of Guangdong Province, organized by the China Foreign Trade Center, is currently a large general international trade meeting of China, which has a longer history, a larger wingspan, more complete varieties of Exposed articles, with participants coming from broader countries and regions and better transaction results from the Country.

After 60 years of reform and innovative development, the Canton Fair has withstood several challenges and has never been interrupted. The Canton Fair improves the commercial connection between China and the world, demonstrating the image of China and the achievements of development. It is the best platform for Chinese companies to explore the international market and an exemplary basis for implementing China's strategies for the growth of foreign trade. The Canton Fair is the first and main platform to promote China's foreign trade and a barometer of the foreign trade sector. It is the window, epitome and symbol of the opening of China.

In recent years, the Canton Fair has continued with the times and followed in the footsteps of China's reform and the opening and development of China's foreign trade. The Canton Fair is committed to promoting the transformation and modernization of China's foreign trade and has focused on specialization, market orientation, information application and global perspective. The smart model and green development also advances. The Canton Fair is moving from a single platform for export to a complete one that includes business networks, exhibition and negotiation, industrial communication, information release and product promotion, with increasing progress.

This session of the Canton Fair

Date & Times

1st Period : April 15-19, 2020 9: 30-18: 00

2nd Period : April 23-27, 2020 9: 30-18: 00

3rd Period : May 1 - May 5, 2020 9: 30-18: 00

China Import and Export Fair Complex (Pazhou Complex)
Derection: № 380, Yuejiang Zhong Lu, Hai Zhu District, Guangzhou City, China


1st Period:

Category of electronic products and appliances, Category of products of the five metals and tools, Category of machinery, Category of vehicles and their accessories, Category of construction materials, Lighting category, Category of chemical products.

2nd Period:

Daily consumer goods category, Gifts category, Habitat ornaments category.

3rd Period:

Category of textiles and clothing, Category of footwear, Category of bags and bags and articles for desk and leisure, Category of medicines and health care products, Groceries.

International Pavilion

1st Period:

Productos electrónicos y electrodomésticos, Materiales de construcción y Objetos metales, Maquinaria y equipos, Materias primas para industria.

3rd Period:

Groceries and agricultural products, use items for habitat, outdoor fabrics.

Key benefits of the Canton fair

Get inspired with new product ideas

Meet your potential provider in person (handshake is better than emails, believe me!)

Establish the beginning of a long-term business relationship with potential suppliers

Try samples in place. No need to wait, save time and money on shipping.

Learn the culture, people and the way they do business.

There are many benefits as you can see, but there are always two sides of a coin. We must also examine some of the disadvantages of the Canton Fair.

The financial cost of the trip has to be there at the right time. Then, you can imagine that everyone will go there. Hotels and flights will be very expensive.

For manufacturers, the quantity is usually quite large. For start-up companies, the minimum order quantity (MOQ) may be something important to consider before placing the order. If the quantity per item is not large, and you want to mix hundreds of items in a container, then the Yiwu market will be more suitable for you.

Going to a new unknown place where many people do not speak Spanish can be scary! Most of the fair only speaks English, so if you don't know English, it will be a problem. (Our “Purchasing Agent” service can help you.)