"Made in China" is a very famous phrase around the world. In the past, it was mainly the wholesalers who traveled to China to shop. Now more and more retailers start coming to China to buy merchandise. For chain customers, who deal in different varieties of products, and need new items to meet the needs and tastes of their consumers,

how to solve this problem:

1. You have to travel very frequently to China to find out prices, models, quantity and quality, which costs a lot of money and a lot of personal time from buyers of large chains between countries.

2. Otherwise you have to find an agent in China to help you with the purchases. However, trading agents are not necessarily 100% available for you or Chinese suppliers just know your agent or your trading. You don't know who are the real customers. Maybe the suppliers do not want to offer better products to agent or trading and lose a lot of buying opportunity of good products in China.

Notice: the best option is to establish your own office in China.

l We offer you a site for your company, and we put your own company sign in the office.

l We form a team that especially work for you. Our colleagues accompany customers when you travel to China, they do all the work as their employers do in China.

l If your team in China carries the same business card when your company visits factories or are at fairs. We promote your company name to Chinese suppliers.

l We send contract or proforma to the factories on behalf of your company. For suppliers, we are their 100% employers without an intermediary.

l Our job is to look for factories, get catalogs at fairs, compare prices, find new products, set delivery date, check quality, control container charges. We communicate between suppliers and customers.

l It is a pleasure for us if you want to send your people to China to work with us as head of the office.

l Warmly register a company with your name in China.

Our advantages:

² Our team in China speaks Spanish and English.

² You do not need to pay any expense (rent, salary etc.) of Chinese office operation

² Our team travels to your country, and has been learning and communicating with you every year for a week with the objective of working in the same way as your company does, knowing politics and maintaining the closest communication with your company.

If you are interested in this form of cooperation, please contact us..

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