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How to send the products to your country?

How to dispatch the goods in customs?

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I don't know China well and I need someone to guide me.

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How to control the quality of the products?

Consolidation and delivery

Consolidation and delivery

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Who helps me pay providers?

Can products from different suppliers be consolidated in the same container


Quality Control:

We serve your eyes in China. 100% guarantee on your purchase. Our experienced and qualified quality control team provides pre-shipment inspection, factory audit, production inspection etc.

Guide and Translation:

Invitation, hotel reservation, transportation, personnel with experience in the market, in the factory and fair guide. We advise you the best places, negotiate prices, arrange orders, make quotes, follow orders until they are sent.

Shipping and Freight:

Global cargo and shipping services to any port you want. Air freight, dropshipping. We offer you competitive prices.


Flexible and personalized storage. We consolidate your merchandise from different suppliers and repack if necessary.


ü Preparation of files for visa solidity (invitation letter, hotel preservation and air ticket)

üAuro service with fixed driver during the stay in China

ü Native language translator

ü Programming visits to factories, fairs and markets

ü Confirmation of your orders to manufacturers

ü Transfers and pagps to suppliers of 30% of the value of your orders, to start production

ü Day-to-day tracking of your orders with manufacturers and suppliers

ü Quality control

ü Transfers and payments of the rest 70% of the value of your purchases to deliver the goods.

ü Reconciliation of all south orders in the containers

ü Connect with the shipping company

ü Preparation of all documentation for the dispatch of your cargo (Bill of landing “BL”, packing list, certifications, proformas, order, invoice, etc.)

ü Translation of your documents in your native language

ü Delivery of your orders at destination port

ü 30 days to claim your goods