Who are we?

Latam International Trade CO. LTD is a professional export & import company. We have more than 10 years of experience in the market of YIWU, GUANGZHOU, SHANTOU and NINGBO, making it much easier for our customers to shop in Fairs, Markets and Factories. In search of the best offer, we have served more than 1,000 satisfied customers from more than 50 countries.

Yiwu-a paradise for businessmen

The main reasons for his visit to Yiwu:
1. Yiwu market is the largest wholesale market in the world.
2. The minimum order quantity can be one box.
3. Over 200000 products In Yiwu, you can get more business.
4. It is advantageous to do business in Yiwu, and the import and export transportation is very convenient and convenient.
5. Yiwu's market is open all year round, except for the Chinese New Year.
6. More than 12000 foreign entrepreneurs live a comfortable life in Yiwu.


We listen, discuss and consult with each other the better options. Our services cover a wide range of exportation. From research to product shipment, we closely follow each step of the process.


We will adapt a set of purchasing plans to meet the different needs of each client. Our fundamental mission is that you obtain a profitable and continuous growth business, which reduces your costs to the maximum and increases your profits.

Travel schedule

Preparing an agenda of visits in China can be a real headache, so in Chilat we offer a complete preparation and accompaniment service so you do not have to worry about anything but your business.


Our inspectors will monitor and follow up during the production process, ensuring that the quality of the product meets the standards and delivery on time. Before shipping the products, we will control the quality and quantity of them according to the order.

Free quote

Finding suppliers in China is very easy, but finding suppliers that are direct manufacturers and are qualified requires an effective and well-structured search strategy. When we receive information about your product, our buyer conducts an investigation of the parameters and characteristics of the product, and finds the manufacturers more


Having a good partner is the key to your success of your bussiness in China. There are thousands of agents in China. What makes our company Latam different?

Creating Value

Our goal is to create value for our customers! Customer’s benefit is the key that has made LATAM grow so rapidly in recent years. What we do is to make your purchase from China ...

Our Team

Over the years, we have built a strong team of experienced, skilled, and vibrant professionals. We specialize in obtaining and delivering our commodities on time and at competitive prices. Our staff has great knowledge and experience in international trade.


We are true entrepreneurs. LATAM only seeks long-term and favorable cooperation for both parties. We consider each client as our partner. We practice sincerity as the primary business value of LATAM, which is why so many customers trust LATAM.


We listen, discuss and consult with each other the better options.

  • I am from the Dominican Republic, partner of the YIWU MINAYA company. It’s a purchasing agent in Dominican Republic. I’m in charge of all the sales in my country, at the same time, my Chinese colleagues, taking care of shopping in Yiwu, Guangzhou, Shantou and other cities. In addition, I want to thank my partner for his friendship with my father and I for more than 10 years and for his constant and unconditional support for our company and employees. I have the confidence to maintain closer relations of cooperation with Latam in the future with the objective of serving all clients from the Dominican Republic.

  • We have an international supermarket chain, with 44 stores in America and Europe. We work several years with LATAM. They are professionals and helped us a lot in communicating with suppliers and dispatching merchandise. As our products have their own brands and many details, they have done well. They are very reliable.

  • I am an importer of stationery in Bogotá, Colombia, with almost all lines of school and office. We also handle a bit of groceries, to meet the Ningbo Latam company. Due to their professional work, we get many cheap and beautiful products in China. In recent years, my company have developed rapidly. For me, I’m particularly grateful to Latam very much. Good job!

  • We are a business family in Guayaquil, Ecuador, with many stores that sell retail and wholesale. Some colleagues from Ningbo Latam come to my country to learn the way we work, then we travel to China together and know the way of shopping. Now all my relatives work with Ningbo Latam, we collaborate super well. Thanks to the three boys, Diego, Marina, Julia for accompanying us in China and offering us better service.

  • We have a company about toy store in Tegucigalpa of Honduras. First of all, I thank Ningbo Latam with his constant support for our company. In addition, thanks to Shantou office workers for their good work, it makes it very easy for us to get cheap products. I hope we can cooperate more years in the future.

  • I own a clothing wholesaler store in Montevideo, Uruguay. He comes to China twice a year, and visits Guangzhou and Dongguan, 2 cities in the province of Guangzhou. Latam helps me a lot in finding clothes at a competitive price and of good quality. Colleagues are very responsible and inspect the goods carefully. The quality of my merchandise never happens since working with Latam.


Having a good partner is the key to your success in China. There are thousands of agents in China. What makes our company Latam different?

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Want to make business in China? Contact us. You take decisions and we handle the rest.

How to choose a reliable buying agent in China?

There are a lot of agent companies in China. It is not an easy thing to find a satisfied purchasing agent. Trust LATAM, we are your best option.

Why is YIWU?

YIWU is a paradise for merchants. The YIWU Market allows them to buy more varieties and less quantity than at fairs and factories.

How to do business in Yiwu?

Around 300000 customers around the world come to Yiwu to buy and import goods to their countries.

How can I go to YIWU or Guangzhou of my country?

You can fly to Shanghai International Airport. We arrange a car to pick you up at the airport and it takes approximately 4 hours to reach YIWU.

Why do you need a purchasing agent?

The following factors explain why you need a purchasing agent: your own translator & driver during your stay, schedule visits to factories, fairs and markets, inspect your merchandise.

The best time to visit China

For customers, from March to June, from September to November are 2 periods when most foreigners come. In another season, you also can visit China, markets and factories are open all year (except Spring Festival)

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